3 Benefits of 3D Printing Models for Criminal Trials in Courtrooms

3 Benefits Of 3d Printing Models For Criminal Trials In Courtrooms

If you are dealing with the justice system, then the stakes are high. You need to make sure that you use every resource available to you. That is where technological advancements might be on your side. 3D printing is one of the most popular technologies in today’s world. With an array of benefits and applications, 3D printing can even be used to help you in the courtroom. If you are looking to leverage 3D printing in your next case, then there are a few points that you need to keep in mind.

Can 3D Models Be Used as Demonstrative Evidence in Court?

One of the most common questions that people have about 3D printing is whether it can be used as demonstrative evidence in court. The answer is, yes!

There are studies that have shown that this method can be used to make models to help jurors improve their understanding of technical jargon. Even though lawyers can talk until they are blue in the face, jurors might not understand what they are saying because they don’t have experience in the field. It is always better to show instead of tell.

This is where 3D printing can help. In one study involving more than 90 mock juries, a research study found that it helps jurors better understand what is being discussed in cases involving head injury. 3D printed materials were used to present evidence regarding how a head injury might impact someone who has been involved in a car accident. Thanks to the ability of 3D printing to produce demonstrative evidence, jurors were able to understand what was being said.

As a result, it can be used to produce models that act as demonstrative evidence in court. Thanks to the versatile applications of 3D printers, its use is likely to expand.

What are the Benefits of Using a 3D Printed Model at Trial?

When it comes to 3D printers, there are a few benefits that they can provide when it comes to a criminal or civil trial. Some of the biggest benefits include:

  • It can save time. In the past, lawyers used to have to talk, use their hands, and fashion old props to explain to jurors what the point of their argument actually is. Sometimes, this might not work. Jurors are not allowed to ask questions, so lawyers had a hard time figuring out if jurors actually understood what as being said. Printed materials can save time because instead of having to explain everything, lawyers can simply use models to show them.
  • It can cut through technical jargon. Another side effect of lawyers giving long soliloquies is that the jurors might get lost in the jargon. Even though jurors might not understand what “traumatic brain injury” means, a 3D printed model can be used to show up.
  • Finally, one of the biggest benefits is that they are three-dimensional. While lawyers can put videos on the screen and show slides, the images and videos are still stuck in 2D. They will not have the same impact as a 3D printed model. Because a model can be picked up, turned, and moved around, jurors have an easier time associating this model with what is happening in the case. Three-dimensional material simply looks more realistic.

These are just a few of the biggest benefits of using the technology to help with a trial. In many ways, 3D printers might be the future of trials in the courtroom. It could be the new gold standard of evidence.

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Is Three-Dimensional Modeling Used in Accident Reconstruction?

One of the most important benefits is that it can be helpful in the world of accident reconstruction. When civil and criminal cases go to trial, each side has to be able to paint a picture of what happened. The problem with a picture is that it is stuck in two dimensions. This makes it hard for jurors to relate to what is going on.

There are fewer mental gymnastics that have to take place if the accident can be moved to a 3D model. This is where the technique can be helpful. With 3D models available, lawyers can clearly show the jurors how the accident unfolded. Then, they might want to use a separate model to show what happened to each person inside of his or her respective vehicle.

In this manner, 3D printing can play a key role in accident reconstruction, helping everyone understand exactly what took place.

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These are just a few of the numerous benefits that 3D printing can provide when it comes to the justice system. If you would like to learn more about how 3D printing can help you with your next case, contact us today! At Southern Model, we would be happy to help you get the most out of 3D printing.