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Southern Model

Southern Model is a full service architectural model building company. Beginning with 2D and 3D architectural drawings, we incorporate state-of-the-art CNC milling systems and 3D printing to best construct your design. At Southern Model, we specialize in architectural models, including towers, corporate campuses, site and study models. We also specialize in stadiums, legal models, and industrial models for trade shows.

With a full-time staff who are highly skilled and dedicated to the art of model making, it is no wonder our scale model building products are the best in the industry. All materials we use are of the highest quality to ensure stability and durability. It is because of our quality and detailed precision that so many clients come to us for their scale model projects. Southern Model has four Computer Numerical Control (CNC) milling machines to reproduce details within 1/2,000 of an inch. Southern Model also utilizes additive manufacturing (3D printing) when making three-dimensional solid objects. We only produce the best results.

We certainly do welcome the opportunity to prepare a proposal for your next scale model, so you can be as successful as everyone else who uses our scale model building services.

Small 600px Brian

Brian Pruitt

Owner & CEO

Coming in with a strong 15+ years in the Model Building Industry, Brian offers techniques of model assembly and detail that you will not find anywhere else. Assembling the pieces is a work of art and just a fraction of what Brian offers to Southern Model Inc.’s customers.

300px Matt

Matthew DeCleene


Utilizing over 35 years in the modeling industry, Matt has a plethora of unique experiences and knowledge that leads the industry standards of today. Quality and punctuality is never sacrificed regardless any challenge. Expectations will be surpassed.

The Rest of the Team

With too many great employees to list, we can only say that they are all excellent at what they do and certainly love what they do. Each and every one gives 110% in effort and skill and happy employees make great results.

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