Laser Cutting Services

There are several reasons why laser cutting services are important. At Southern Model, Inc., we can show you how to get the precision and sharp edges needed for model building and more. You don’t have to cut everything by hand – and when you use materials that can’t be cut by hand, a laser can provide the clean lines you’re looking for in 2D and 3D models.

Overview of Southern Model, Inc

At Southern Model, Inc., we have a long history of creating scale models for trade shows, residential builders, corporate campuses, and more. Our portfolio is as extensive as it is thanks to the latest technology – including laser cutting.

By incorporating state-of-the-art systems into your designs, it allows you to get the level of detail and specificity that is needed. You should always be looking for a way to present the best models – and we can take your vision and expand upon it with laser cutting services, CNC milling, and more.
Our team goes above and beyond with each project that we take on. We will provide the scale that you need, the detail that you want, and the beauty that you demand.

What is Laser Cutting Services in Model Production?

Laser cutting services are used in model production for several reasons. It offers the versatility to cut and engrave several different materials:

  • Wood
  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • Foam
  • Acrylic
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Synthetic materials

You already know that a good model will incorporate an array of different materials. It offers diversity to mimic the various materials in the real world – like buildings, trees, and lakes. Precision is critical – and using a laser will give you clean cuts that do not require any kind of post-processing.

Model building is time-consuming – but it only takes as much time as you allow it to take. By using laser cutting services, you do not have to fret with traditional templates and cutting objects by hand. Instead, you can draw everything within a CAD program and allow the laser to cut out (or engrave) the designs for you.

Regardless of the kind of geometry that you are using within your model, lasers can offer you the precision needed to get the job done.

How is your project going to stand out?

Often, models are about the details. How is your project going to stand out? By using laser cutting services, you can engrave intricate details, such as shingles on a roof, windows on a high rise, and even the names of storefronts on the buildings along a road.

Your goal should be to make people feel as though they are inside your model. You will place some items around for scale to help people understand the size of your structures. And, while you also want people to use their imagination as to how the space can be used, detail allows you to stand out. People can “ooh” and “ahh” when you present a scale for marketing purposes. Even if you’re creating a scale for legal purposes, the engraved and laser-cut items can make it easier for people to understand what’s in front of them – doors versus windows, hallways versus rooms, and so much more.

Consider a single four-sided tower. If you were to try to cut the panels by hand, you would need all four to be cut to the exact specifications or they would not line up. Even then, how are you going to cut out the shapes of windows, incorporate archways, railings, windows, and more? It all becomes tedious – and leaves your designs vulnerable to countless errors.

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Laser cutting services allow you to get the detail you want by allowing a computer design and a laser do all the work. You get a more extensive design for your model without having to do all the work. Once cut, the only thing you must do is assemble using glue or another adhesive.

Architectural models are valuable tools – and creating them is simply easier with laser cutting. Learn more about the high-quality services we offer by contacting us at Southern Model, Inc. today.

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